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Frankie Chen

373 days ago
Elvis L JCConf 2016 Day2 (R1)
  • 提供 Android API 的部份實作
問題: 動態語言因為彈性的特性,所以單元測試比較麻煩
吳欣展 Slides Link:
Tsai M Joseph S. Kuo a.k.a. CyberJos
  • Hazelcast
  • Briefing
  • Details
  • Spark
  • Inside: Why faster than MapReduce
  • Why use Spark to MapReduce
  • Hazelcast and Spark
  • Ignite
  • Compare with Hazelcast and Ignite
  • In memory data-grid
Among the Nodes 
Memory sharing
CPU Power sharing
Storage space sharing
Failure tolerance
  • Distributed Caching
胡菀庭 Distributed Compute:Entry Processor、Executor Service
Tsai M Distributed Query
Memory Sharing 後會轉換成 key-value 的 Database
  • Integrated Clustering: Hibernate
Standards;JCache, Apache jClouds
胡菀庭 Cloud and Virtualization Support: Docker、AWS、Azu
Tsai M Client-Server Protocol: Memcache, Open Binary Client Protocol, REST
  • 因為其本身是 Memory cache,可以用以上的服務來連
  • In-Memory NoSQL
Tsai M
  • Scalability
  • 加入其他節點到 Cluster 後,會聚集包含心結結點的所有記憶體 
  • Volatility 
  • 資料會自動存成兩份放在各節點 
  • Rebalancing 
  • 會想辦法消除 Latency 
  • Going Native 
  • The High-Density Memory Store can avoid GC pause.
  • 使用 NIO DirectByteBuffers
  • 自動設一個備援 Memory 並切成多個 Chunk,並將資料分存在 Chunk 內
  • 資料移除時,Chunk 會再次利用
  • 避免掉破碎性問題,就是讓資料變成破碎
  • When Node crashing, no need to move data.
  • Messaging
結點可以自由訂閱 Cluster 的訊息頻道,各作「有興趣」的工作
  • Application Scaling
Elastic Scalablility: new Servers Join the Cluster
胡菀庭 Super Speeds
High Availablility
Tsai M
  • Clustering
在 node 與 load Balancing 可進行 Clustering
Cluster 內 session 共享
  • What is new in 3.4?
  • High-Density Memory Store ($$$)
  • Hazelcast Configuration Import
  • 分拆匯入
  • Back Pressure
Tsai M
  • What is new in 3.5?
Async Back Pressure
Client Configuration Import
Cluster Quorum
胡菀庭 Hazelcast Client Protocol
Tsai M
  • 最小 Node 數需求:不夠不給用
胡菀庭 Listener for Lost Partitions
Tsai M
  • 判斷是否要寫入硬碟
胡菀庭 Increased Visibility of slow Operations
Sub-Listener Interfaces for Map Listener
Tsai M
  • What is new in 3.6?
High-Density Memory Store for Map ($$$)
胡菀庭 Discovery SPI
Tsai M Client Protocol & Version Compatiility
Hot Restart Persistance ($$$)
  • 重新 Restart Cluster,快速將 Disk 內的資料寫入 Memory
Lite Members
  • 不分享記憶體的 Node (觀察員),例如 Monitor 與任務指派,不影響主力記憶體
373 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Frankie Chen 373 days ago
Elvis L
  • Redux for Android - using Kotlin 

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